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Plato, Strauss, and Political Philosophy: An interview with Stanley Rosen by Tongdong Bai, 2000. Published online in Diotima: A Philosophical Review by the Department of Philosophy at College of the Holy Cross.  A candid and accessible discussion of Prof. Rosen's ideas, including his personal political views.

“The University of Chicago: 1948-52, 1954-55.”  An Excerpt from Encounters and Reflections: A Conversation with Seth Benardete, edited by Ronna Burger (University of Chicago Press, 2002).  A series of entertaining reminiscences by one of Stanley Rosen's classmates at Chicago.

“Worldwide honors for prolific philosopher/author, 82.”  A profile of Prof. Rosen by Jane Lenel in the Chestnut Hill Local newspaper, Philadelphia, July 27, 2011.

Obituary for Prof. Rosen in the Philadelphia Inquirer, May 13, 2014.

Obituary for Prof. Rosen in the Centre Daily Times, May 8, 2014.